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InterMEMS P381

Introducing the World’s Smallest commercially available Pressure Sensor from InterMEMS Inc. the P41.  The die shown here is 225µm x 650µm x 120µm (0.67 French) after singulation, and fits easily into a 1 French Catheter Lumen.   InterMEMS is also proud to introduce the P381 a 1.2 French Chip introduced subsequent to the P41 as a complementary offering. It includes an integral Temperature Sensor on chip, and is 380µm x 880µm x 120µm after singulation fitting easily into a 1.5 French or larger Lumen.

P41 Spec Sheet

P41A Spec Sheet



InterMEMS  is currently delivering in volume into the Hi-Fidelity Hemodynamic Catheter Market with a high level of customer satisfaction.  While others may claim to have Piezoresistive sensors this small, minimal investigation will uncover the fact that those claims are Laboratory oddities at best, and are NOT commercially available.

Both the P41 and P381 are available as Gauge/Differential devices or with a reference vacuum sealed beneath the diaphragm.  Both devices are  made of Monocrystalline Silicon, and utilize InterMEMS’ proprietary DrieMOX™ Process which yields extraordinarily tight parametric distributions, High Yields with Superlative Stability, and as a bonus, a built in Mechanical Overpressure Stop.

Both Devices are available with Gold Based Solderable Metallization, or Aluminum for Wirebonding.  Originally designed for use in the stringent Biomedical Catheter market, they are also an obvious choice for use in Sports and Dive watches due to their extremely small size.  Inquire with the factory.

P381 Spec Sheet

P381A Spec Sheet



Pressure Range


P41 Gauge/ Differential
-300 to 300
Au or Al
P41A Absolute
460 to 1060
Au or Al
P381 Gauge/ Differential
-300 to 300
Au or Al
P381A Absolute
460 to 1060
Au or Al

P41 and P381 Respectively, shown with optional
Aluminum Metallization suitable for Wirebonding