Future Development

InterMEMS is currently developing the M981 SiliconEar™ MEMS Microphone.  The extremely simple and hence more manufacturable design in Monocrystalline Silicon is only part of what sets our design apart from others on the market.  It is fabricated using our Proprietary DrieMOX™ Process which is already production proven in our P41 and P381 Biomedical Catheter Sensors.

Our approach avoids the detrimental design tradeoffs associated with using CMOS films, designed for their electrical properties, as the mechanical layers to form the moving membrane.  It also avoids highly technique oriented processes such as Si-Si Bonding which are at best very expensive to implement in a manufacturing environment, and at worst very low yield and prone to variability.

As a result InterMEMS SiliconEar™ microphone will exhibit better performance, improved matching from part to part, higher Yields, and lower cost for the customer.

Shown here is the package for Surface Mounting the SiliconEAR™ using Standard pick & place SMT reflow manufacturing techniques (3.75 x 2.75 x 1 mm).  The biggest Driving force behind the move to MEMS microphones in Consumer Electronics is increased manufacturability, lower rework rates, and overall decreased cost when considering the “Big Picture”.  This eliminates the costly labor of being Soldered by hand like ECM microphones and allows in-line testing much earlier in the assembly process.