InterMEMS currently has a technology alliance with a 100mm (4”) Wafer Foundry in the Bay area where the majority of processing is done.  Special processes such as Anodic Bond, Lap & Polish, Bosch ICP DRIE, SOI, and others are performed by our outside Technology partners that undergo a rigorous qualification procedure and all processing is subject to our continuous improvement policy.

We are also currently in the process of enhancing our capabilities by developing a relationship with a World Class 200mm (8”) Foundry for high volume and cost sensitive applications as well as expansion of our repertoire.

High Purity, Dedicated Tube, Micro-processor controlled Furnaces

Wet Etch Bay

Photolithography, Litho Metrology

Thin Film Deposition, Plasma Etch
Thin Film Metrology


Perkin Elmer Step & Repeat Mask Aligners