Research & Development

Unique Deep Reactive Ion Etched (DRIE) Structures

InterMEMS Inc. can provide creative and cost Effective Solutions to your unusual, and unique requirements with quicker Turnaround, and significantly lower Development costs than our larger Competitors

Distal Catheter Pressure Sensor

Capabilities include the ability to fabricate unusually shaped Silicon Chips, with Through Silicon Vias (TSV), or Unique Bonded Strain Gauge configurations.  Shown here is a concept of a Distal Blood Pressure Catheter Sensor using TSV Technology (Approx.200µm Chip Dia.) in conjunction with Ultra small (40 ga.) wires thru hole for interconnect.  (Lumen not shown for clarity)

MEMS Power Harvesting

InterMEMS Inc currently has a program in development for MEMS Power Harvesting.  Shown here is a feasibility demonstration prototype built as proof of concept with the possibility of scaling to mm level.  The applications for this technology are Myriad, but obvious choices are for wireless sensor networks where there may be some kind of periodic or vibrational mechanical energy that can be converted into current flow, or in static applications the same Multi-layer planar coil processing can be utilized to fabricate an EM scavenging device.

This technology can be utilized in conjunction with storage capacitors for wireless, and disposable applications where it would be environmentally irresponsible to use batteries.  Other applications include, but are not limited to equipment health/condition monitoring, HVAC (wireless upgrades to existing with minimal effort), and infrastructure monitoring such as bridges and building structural integrity in conjunction with the proper sensor suite.

MEMS Fiber Optic Connectors

Passive Fiber optic Connector for High Density interconnect of Single and Multimode Fibers.  A Novel mechanical clamping mechanism is realized in Silicon that allows Fiber interconnect simply by stripping cladding, and inserting.  A drop of index matching adhesive can be placed in the Via for improved signal Insertion Loss, or micro-manipulators can be used to accomplish fine positioning for even less Insertion Loss prior to application of matching adhesive.  Finally the entire assembly can be over potted with an adhesive providing optical properties similar to the original cladding.

Novel Micro-Fluidics

InterMEMS can Design and Fabricate all kinds of Micro-fluidics, micro-channels, Micro-Reaction Vessels (e.g. for DNA PCR), Tesla Valves, actuated valves, or other requirements using Isotropic, Anisotropic, or DRIE Etching.  Please Inquire.