Industrial Applications

InterMEMS can provide a range of Custom, Semi-custom, and Standard Pressure and Pressure/Temperature Sensors by interchanging various Pressure Ports, and Electrical Connectors to better fit your application.  Oil Filled Isolated Pressure Sensors for use in Harsh Media applications can be custom designed for your specific needs, or OEM solutions can be provided.

InterMEMS has developed a novel Oil fill process that results in 13 the oil expansion over temperature, combined with Convoluted Stainless Steel Isolation Diaphragms optimized by Finite Element Analysis, and state of the art Digital Temperature compensation to yield Media compatible Pressure Sensors with unrivaled Intrinsic Temperature Performance.

Exploded View of 3-D Solid Model

The Heart of this product is this Standard Oil Filled Media Compatible Nugget.

Virtually any Pressure port connection can be provided tailored to your application

The result is the optimum solution for your Application at an OEM Price.