Commercial Applications

InterMEMS Inc. is currently developing an Injection Molded Pressure Sensor package for use from 10” Water Column (0.3 PSI) up to 500 PSI Full Scale.  The operating temperature range will be from 0°C to 85°C, with total non-compensatable error less than 1% FS.  Target applications include Level Sensing with backside harsh media compatibility, HVAC for Variable Air Volume, Flow Sensing, and Filter Monitoring using our P181 Ultra Low Pressure Sensor which has a sensitivity 2X greater than any other Ultra-Low Pressure Piezoresistive sensor on the market.

This same package can also be utilized with our P821 OEM Pressure Die up to 500 PSI.  This configuration will be Mountable on Sheet Metal ductwork (with added Pigtail assembly), or directly to PCB.  It can also be PCB mounted either Horizontally, or Vertically (with additional Snap on Strain Relief (not Shown).