Industrial Products

Dual Oil Filled Media Isolated pressure Sensors

We offer Dual Oil Filled Media Isolated pressure Sensors for Industrial Transmitter applications to Measure Pressure and Flow.  This approach includes a high Pressure Sensor (1000 to 7500 psi) to measure the Common Mode Pressure, in conjunction with a Low Pressure Sensor (typically 10 psi to 0.3 psi) to measure the differential.  This type of Sensor is used for applications such as Change of Custody where Pressure Drop across an Orifice plate is measured to determine volumetric Flow and hence the amount of Liquid, or  Gas  whose  ownership is being transferred.

Custom/Semi-custom Media Isolated pressure Sensors

InterMEMS Inc. is pleased to work with our customers to provide custom or semi-custom Media Isolated pressure Sensors for Industrial and Commercial Applications.  A single Sensor Isolated Pressure Sensor is shown here prior to completion of Assembly into the Customer’s Transmitter Body, with an Exploded View 3-D Solid Model showing the Die, and Ceramic Volume Compensators.

Oil Filled Isolated pressure Sensors

Oil Filled Isolated Pressure Sensors (12mm diameter Shown here) for use in Harsh Media applications can be custom designed for your specific needs, or OEM solutions can be provided.  InterMEMS has developed a novel Oil fill process that results in 13 the oil expansion over temperature, combined with Convoluted Stainless Steel Isolation Diaphragms optimized by Finite Element Analysis to yield Media compatible Pressure Sensors with unrivaled Intrinsic Temperature Performance.